Tuesday, March 22, 2011

in the end.

the end is approaching--the end of life as i know it.

so many things to be scared of. so many things to question. so many things i could try to hold onto but will have to let go.

and as i let my mind wander, my sweet fiance dreams of our life from the other side--
his life has already started, and he's just waiting for me, more excited by the day.

as i complain about the sweat inducing heat in columbia today:
(in relation to a city we're talking about moving to with even hotter weather)
me: "but i'm already sweating. i don't think i could stand it to be any hotter. can i just wear dresses all the time?"
bub: "of course, i think you look beautiful in dresses. and we'll have the windows open and fans blowing and we'll be happy living in our tree house. we don't need anything else."

swoon. how did i get so lucky as to find the one man that is happy with me and only me?
and will listen to me groan about really stupid crap all day.

as everything gets a little crazier around here, i definitely could stand to focus on these silly, happy things a little more.

happy spring, lovebirds.