Thursday, December 23, 2010

hey, i've got nothin' to do today but smile.

hey friends!

sorry for the radio silence, there's been some big changes around here.
i'm feeling a bit under the weather today, which is actually kind of nice because it means our christmas break starts a little early!

tonight, we're heading up to my parent's house an hour north,
to gaze at the frosty lake
to bundle up under blankets
to play with puppies
to practice traditions
to sing carols
to bake
to eat
to rejoice.

and oh yeah, "we" would be me, my sister, brother in law, niece, brother, parents...
and my fiance :)

my love asked me to marry him on december 15th.
can't wait to share.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The One Where I Can't Say No.

My room at school, last year

Today I woke up at 7 am,
worked at my first job until 2,
grabbed a bite to eat,
worked at my second job until 10,
then painted for clients until 1 am.

All because sometimes I'm too much of a wuss to tell people no. Phew.

I'm ready for a day lounging in bed (even if it's not mine), the warmth of my parent's home (nothing creates cozy like an empty nester mama), and a second to unpack my month's worth of bags (i'm staying at my sister's while i'm home).

Off to sleep.
Happy Tuesday :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the dog days are over

^ that baby is the best. especially around 2 minutes.

tomorrow is my last day of the semester so i'm just finishing up the last bit of it all--this time of year always makes me so reflective. it's my last time experiencing all of it and i just want to remember every bit!

tomorrow, i'll drive home with a car load of laundry, presents and clothes. i'll eat chinese takeout (i've been craving egg drop soup. gross, i know.), watch a few movies and relax with my bub before everything starts. i'm going to be working like a mad woman while i'm home, which is so sad!

i hope you have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

sometimes all it takes

is a new coat, a fresh drink or a lovely song...

to make your insides all smiley on a cold, stressful tuesday.

Monday, December 6, 2010

just a quick note to say

i just got back from dessert with a group of my close college girlfriends.
my stomach's full of delicious chocolate fondue, fruit and martinis.
my cheeks are sore from laughter.

this year has been anything but carefree-fun-soak-up-the-last-of-it-good.
needless to say, i would be happy to have more nights like tonight.

as my roommate so expertly put it, "that is how i want to remember senior year."

now i get to twiddle my thumbs...right?

(christmas presents, wrapped)

i'm happy to say that i've almost completely knocked out my christmas shopping this year. matt and i finally wised up and decided to buy presents together, which is so much more fun and sensible!

we set out to find a few little things, and finished the day with tons of check marks on our list! it was so fun. christmas shopping can be really stressful, but sometimes it feels good to go into those things together. it's like "okay, this will most likely be too crowded, too long and too expensive, but we're going to support each other and have fun."

which, if i think about it, is what a life together is all about. choosing to be sweet, supportive and enjoy things in the middle of madness.

i think i might try to get all my shopping done early from now on.

hope your monday has been productive and lovely!

p.s. the only problem i've found with this idea is that, now that it's been a couple weeks and the presents are tucked away for christmas day, i'm wanting to go out and buy more and more for my loved ones! my checking account begs me to chill out. we'll see :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

stopping to look around.

1. radio city music hall
2. a lovely tree on my walk to class.
3. carousel in bryant park.
4. my niece and pup: christmas welcome party 2009
5. ra trip to the pumpkin patch with my love.

sometimes, in the fall, i slow down a bit.

it seems like life picks up, days fly by and the months fade from your fingers just too quickly. maybe this is why my brain and my heart declare a strike.

christmas trees.
warm drinks.
lovely gifts.
leaves scraping the sidewalks.
city lights.
twinkle lights.
children's joy.
family warmth.
frank, bing and duke.
future, past and present.

the world is flickering by and my entire system forces me to slow down. it's like i'm unable to process things as fast as usual. at first glance, i physically can't read the words or absorb a picture. i have to take a second to think about meaning; to think about the beauty of it all. it usually just takes a moment or two for the picture to come in focus or for the words to sink in. then, i am able to move on.

with all of the lovely things in excess this time of year, if i don't stop to soak something in, it will be lost in the flurry. not only do i want to live surrounded by beautiful things, but i want to savor and remember them.