Sunday, September 12, 2010

i know we are young but we won't always be

five years ago we visited the labor day carnival in my hometown.
fall air was just beginning to creep in and we walked hand in hand in the nighttime, savoring the scent of kettle corn and leaves.
while our friends walked ahead, matt stopped me under a canopy of balloons to pull me close and tell me he loved me for the first time.

on october 20th, i'll put on a dress and meet my bub at the state fair down the road from my apartment.
we'll listen to the avett brothers, eat fried snickers and walk in the glow of the bursting lights.
if i'm lucky, i'll get him to ride the ferris wheel with me.

the scents, the textures, the anticipation of things to come--each detail makes autumn lovely. but i also believe warming your toes next to your love does the trick, too.

onward christian soldier

hello again.

i've developed the nasty little habit of forgetting about my dear blog, haven't i?

well, we certainly have a lot to catch up on. life is hurtling forward faster than i can process it. my body is currently here and my mind is somewhere fifty miles or days ago. i'll catch up at some point. for the most part, everything that's happening is positive, which i suppose is all i can ever hope for.

when i say it that way...i've got nothing to complain about. lots and lots of good things are happening. a few highlights of the summer:

1: my sister is pregnant again. such joy.
2: celebrated five years with my man.
3: started my senior year of college.
4: on the first day of the aforementioned senior year, i switched my major to something far less mind blowing and i'll still graduate on time.
5: last night, i got to explain to my little niece that once her mommy's baby is born, i'll be home for good. (i left for college right after she was born, in 2007)
6: moved back in to my wonderful apartment with lovely roommate.

it's hard to take everything in as each new week brings a new development or plan. i'm remembering to breathe (literally, it's 100 degrees here) and thank god for everything i've got. which is a lot.

here we go.