Sunday, December 16, 2012

let your heart be light

sinatra's singing, christmas goodies for our near and dear are slowly melting into form in the oven. my love is in the kitchen sneaking a taste. somewhere; there's a candle burning. i've always loved the lyric "let your heart be light" -- just the idea that we as humans have some control over the weight of our hearts. it's hard to remember, but i think we do. at christmas, a lot of times i'll let out a sigh (or a secret huff inside my head) and lament that it's all passing by so quickly and i've yet to feel it. do you ever have that? like i could be sitting on santa's lap with an eggnog in hand and somehow...i just can't feel christmas. i've got to stop doing that. christmas is a lightness. a beauty. something tangible. and as an adult, it doesn't come as easy to me. but when i catch a glimpse of a tree lit up in a bay window, or snuggle in under some blankets to watch the same movie we watch every year...the magic finds it's way in and settles under my ribs; warms my cheeks. maybe the lightness comes when we're doing other things. like an old friend showing up on your doorstep.