Monday, March 15, 2010

the post spring break itch

I'm back at school. I can feel spring creeping into my bones, even though I try to fight it off. Truth be told, I'm a fall person. Even still, I can't help but love the in between times of each season.

It comes every year: that irresistible urge to shed layers of clothing, to slurp icy cold drinks, to eat fruit with everything, to blast the oldies and goodies from your ipod with the windows down. And if you're like me, spring can also manifest itself in your nerves. Case in point: an hour ago, when in the middle of my phone conversation with Matt, I started to move my bed across the room. I just had to. I was going crazy. The reason? It felt like winter in my room.

After putting away dozens of photo frames, knick knacks, and dust bunnies, I felt that sigh of relief. Windows open, fan blowing, the smell of fresh linen in the air--I'm finally ready for warmer days.

Am I crazy? Do you feel the need to clean and purge as soon as the temperature rises?

Anyway...happy spring. Enjoy watching everything bloom!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

macbooks and toddlers

Some of my best friends are two year olds.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

a cute picture of my puppy and some good music.


Can't stop listening to her. Can we be friends?

oh spring break, let me count the ways

1. taking the long way home, windows down
2. sleepovers with family at my parents' house
3. get togethers with friends
4. lazy time at the studio
5. heart and soul piano duets with my sister
6. chilly, slow walks at the lake with matt
7. homemade strawberry shortcake and black bean burgers
8. dreaming about the future; imaginary home shopping
9. carolina red clay; pine needles
10. free time. the good kind. and lots of it.

plans for the week:
painting project for my niece with my creative twin of a friend
adventures with my best friend downtown
making dinner with matt each night. tonight i'm making stuffed bell peppers!

i have so needed this break, friends. a kind of break for your heart that feels good to your soul. i'm serious. there's no place like home.

i hope wherever you are, you're enjoying it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chop Chop

This one time, (also known as last week)
I decided I was tired of having super long hair.

So I went home, took a shower, and cut it all off.

A Pinch and a Heap

Did you know that if you add a couple tablespoons of balsamic vinegar (my favorite "food" on earth) to strawberries (second favorite) and sugar to taste, you end up with a delicious bowl of...even better strawberries?

My roommate used our leftover berries yesterday for this exact purpose and it blew my mind. Not that I need any excuse to eat a whole bowl of strawberries, anyway.

Slump Day

Hello again,

Today's been a hard day.

Tomorrow, however, is Spring Break. This makes everything a little better. I'm not doing much--to be honest, I'll probably spend most of my time cuddled on the couch with Matt, renting movies, making dinner, or covered in paint from working.

I'm just looking forward to that release; the one you feel when you've got days behind you and days ahead where nothing much is expected of you. And most importantly, spending time with the people who love you best. The ones who make pointless days and times meaningful. You know what I mean?

A lot of things felt like they were going wrong today, yet I still felt so inspired by the little things. A sweet older man that smiled as I passed on the street. Listening to an old song a friend wrote. Crawling into my messy (today was not the day to straighten up) bed at the end of a long day and just being. Our world can be so beautiful, and so sad. Right now, I'm trying to focus on the first one.

Have a lovely night.