Sunday, March 7, 2010

oh spring break, let me count the ways

1. taking the long way home, windows down
2. sleepovers with family at my parents' house
3. get togethers with friends
4. lazy time at the studio
5. heart and soul piano duets with my sister
6. chilly, slow walks at the lake with matt
7. homemade strawberry shortcake and black bean burgers
8. dreaming about the future; imaginary home shopping
9. carolina red clay; pine needles
10. free time. the good kind. and lots of it.

plans for the week:
painting project for my niece with my creative twin of a friend
adventures with my best friend downtown
making dinner with matt each night. tonight i'm making stuffed bell peppers!

i have so needed this break, friends. a kind of break for your heart that feels good to your soul. i'm serious. there's no place like home.

i hope wherever you are, you're enjoying it.

1 comment:

TheOneTrueSue said...

Oh how I miss spring break. Your post is like a sweet little piece of the past. :)