Sunday, December 5, 2010

stopping to look around.

1. radio city music hall
2. a lovely tree on my walk to class.
3. carousel in bryant park.
4. my niece and pup: christmas welcome party 2009
5. ra trip to the pumpkin patch with my love.

sometimes, in the fall, i slow down a bit.

it seems like life picks up, days fly by and the months fade from your fingers just too quickly. maybe this is why my brain and my heart declare a strike.

christmas trees.
warm drinks.
lovely gifts.
leaves scraping the sidewalks.
city lights.
twinkle lights.
children's joy.
family warmth.
frank, bing and duke.
future, past and present.

the world is flickering by and my entire system forces me to slow down. it's like i'm unable to process things as fast as usual. at first glance, i physically can't read the words or absorb a picture. i have to take a second to think about meaning; to think about the beauty of it all. it usually just takes a moment or two for the picture to come in focus or for the words to sink in. then, i am able to move on.

with all of the lovely things in excess this time of year, if i don't stop to soak something in, it will be lost in the flurry. not only do i want to live surrounded by beautiful things, but i want to savor and remember them.

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