Monday, January 24, 2011

an itch.

happy monday! i hope your weekend was full of belly laughs, warm blankets and a couple people you love.

today at work, one of my coworkers was saying that they wanted to have a "funny wedding themed party" to celebrate my engagement because he wanted to wear a cheap suit. then, a supervisor turned around and said "no, no we can't do that. not cheap. not for kelci."

i know it sounds silly, but it was the sweetest thing. sometimes a little compliment like that speaks volumes.

in other news, i'm getting that itch.
in every sense of the word, i'm a cold weather kind of girl.
but last night, as i was looking through my photos from the last year,
(i love looking back over my iphone photos--kind of like a daily journal)
i started yearning for those days where it's a little chilly, but just warm enough to keep your windows open,
hanging out in green grass with your friends,
and soaking up the last of the day's light,
and switching over to cold drinks at starbucks.
there's something about the spring that's entirely intoxicating, don't you think?

some pictures from last year:

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