Wednesday, November 30, 2011

five (or something like that) things

1. i arrived home yesterday to this guy setting up our new table. shortly after, my sister and brother in law came over with their family to break it in. something about sharing dinner on our new table in our new house felt very real. you know those moments? this is our life. i have to peel open my eyes sometimes and look.

2. just made it home from work (and it's still light out! hooooray), listening to this, about to make these, and these and drink them with some cheap red. (is there any other type? perhaps, but you'd never know it from my pantry.) such a lovely winter evening.

3. not sure what it is about this song that completely undoes me. probably something about 1:47 in.

4. just compiled our christmas wishes. looks like it's going to a bookish affair.

5. as i sit here, i can't think of anything that says it better than this:

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