Sunday, November 13, 2011

a return

good evening, friends.

i've found my way back to this little world. i've been looking forward to this moment--when life would slow down enough for me to sit down and reflect, share the good things, remember and rejoice. it's such a luxury to write down thoughts, to preserve them and share them, don't you think?

i've walked a long way since that last blog post...i've thrown my cap, i've said the type of goodbyes that still make me cry. i've received my first "big" girl paychecks, i've married my sweetheart, i've moved too many times...and all the while i felt this little journal calling me back.

it's been a long, long road through probably one of the most noteworthy years of my life. but as anyone who has lived many years knows, the memorable years are often the hardest. they're sweet, but they come with sting. the sting of change, of endings, and of loss.

but, then i think about all the lovely, beautiful things i've experienced this year. the moments that take my breath away with just how perfect and how fleeting they are. and my god, has it been worth it.

in returning to this little neglected blog, i'm returning to consciousness, to thoughtfulness, and to myself. i can't wait to see where it takes me.

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